6th Annual Winnipeg GFBD Ride a HUGE success!

Wow, that was a BIG FAT BLAST of GFBD fun! 🙂

Once again our 6th Annual – 2017 Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride had more than 55+ local fatbikers out for a fun ride on trails, pathways and even the frozen Seine River, plus a chilifest get-together to swap fatbiking stories, make new friends and plan upcoming adventures!

Great fun times thanks to our official photographer Gregory C. McNeill and volunteers ride guides Keith Holm, Guy Anthony and ‘Lou Fatinski’.


So two of our GFBD Ride Guides – ‘Lou Fatinski’ and Keith Holm were so excited on the way to the Forks that they popped wheelies almost the whole way 😉
We gathered at the Forks at Noon and had a chat about upcoming fabiking rides and races. We also quickly discovered that everyone wanted to ride the longer route … cool! 🙂

So off we rode our fatbikes down to the Red River (well okay, we did gladly welcome a few friends who didn’t have a fatbike to ride, or like Bass – had loaned his to another – nice guy).
Keith Holm leads the way as we rode toward the Cdn Museum for Human Rights and the Esplanade Louis Riel Bridge.
Our lead guide Keith Holm is all smiles … even when not popping a wheelie! 🙂
Just across from the St Boniface Cathedral we rode down to the Red River again.
It’s quite the sight … a beautiful Winnipeg vista and 55+ Fatties riding down to our now classic GFBD photoshoot location with Gregory McNeill waiting to capture the scene.
Cruising down the steps from the St Boniface Cathedral to the GFBD Photoshoot by the Red River – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Official 2017 Winnipeg GFBD Ride Group Photo – Credit: Gregory McNeill (MCA Volunteer of the Year!)
Cruising along the Red River edge trail toward Whittier Park.
Back of the group riding along the Red River near Whittier Park – Credit: Blake Anderson
Cruising the Whittier Park trails.
Cruising the Seine River edge trails.
There he is … Gregory McNeill doing what he does so well … capturing pictures of us riding and making us look cool (well at least good)!
Riders on the Seine River edge trails – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Guy Anthony – super GFBD Ride Guide – was smiling during the whole ride (mind you most people do while riding a fatbike) 🙂 – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Nice photo of us riding down onto the Seine River – Credit: Blake Anderson
It was great to get down onto the Seine River …
Okay, so I step to the side to capture some footage and who almost runs into me? Come on David Ristau … really?! 😉
Conditions were excellent on the Seine River for an easy cruise … studded tires or not. 🙂
The Seine River was a great place for a large group fat bike ride! 🙂
Impromptu group photo I snapped when we were finishing our sweet ride down the Seine River.
After a short ride down some fairly quiet city streets, Keith lead the group to our Chilifest Piststop – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Yes – there were several fat bike parking options at our GFBD Chilifest Pitstop.
Time to park the bikes and chat about our love of fatbikes and …
… and make new friends and plans for future fatbiking adventures! 🙂

Lot’s more pictures and video’s to post, put for now make sure to check out Gregory McNeill’s flickr account GFBD post here:   Winnipeg GFBD 2017

or click on the images below to link there too …

Until next year … let’s keep ‘Rolling our Fatties’! 🙂


Fat Tom K

2 thoughts on “6th Annual Winnipeg GFBD Ride a HUGE success!”

  1. Glad you had a great time Perry! It was a pleasure to help organize and take part in thanks to excellent volunteers, a whole bunch of helpful regulars and the enthusiasm of lots of new riders! A fun event for building our local fatbiking community! 🙂


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