Winnipeg GFBD Ride Route Recce – It’s looking great – GIDDY UP!

Quick feedback from my GFBD Route Recce today – IT’S LOOKING GREAT!
The trails, pathways, quiet roads and even the Seine River is actually better than a few days ago!
That small amount of snow we got recently has mostly bonded to the previous snow and ice to create okay conditions on the trails and paths. The Seine River is looking very nice!

The pictures below follow the Wpg GFBD Ride “Longer Route”:
Longer Route – MapMyRide Link:

Here’s a photo dump from my recce today and a few from yesterday as well – click on the pics to start a slideshow:

So giddy up – saddle up on your ‘Fatties’ tomorrow, join the fun at the Forks at 12:00 Noon, check out everyone bikes and make new friends!

Oh yah, if you get ‘peck-ish’ after riding for an hour or so after the photoshoot, we have a chilifest arranged at a fatbiker friendly home near Kingston Park.  Afterwards, your can ride down Kingston Crescent to the Elm Park (BDI) Bridge and access the Churchill Drive Pathways and trails right back to the Forks (about 30 minutes).

#GFBD2017  #fatbikesrule … thewintertrails 😉

Fat Tom K

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