Amazing Day of Fatbike Adventure and Memorial Celebration on Lake Winnipeg!

WOW!!!  This was a wonderful day in so many ways for our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover”!  We had another 20+ fatbikers join our already 16 active fatbikers and Leaders Team today as we rode out from Grand Marais – with additional escorts from RCAF 435 Squadron (three SAR Technicians on snowmobiles – with a couple dogs) and made our ways to ‘Camp Barr’ on the middle of the lake.  There we held a Memorial Service to honour or lost friend, fellow MB Fatbiker and RCAF SAR Technician MCpl Alfred Barr!

So much to say, but for now here are a few pictures and some drone aerial views of the adventure today (more on the crossing to Gimli and back during the night later):

- Gregory's Sunrise with frosty bikes Pic
Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill’s beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning as our Leaders Team got ready to ride back into Grand Marais to meet the 20+ fatbikers meeting us for breakfast and to join the adventure!
Time to get ready to roll …
25841865657_48630a13fb_o (1)
G-Mac’s picture of us riding in with me escorting on one of Dave MacDonald’s snowmobiles – thanks Dave!
Back at Grand Marais, Janice was not to happy that she couldn’t stay for the rest of the adventure, but I assured her we would do it all again next year – hugs all around! 🙂
20+ riders joined in for today ride out to Camp Barr and half of them stayed for the rest of the adventure beyond to Gimli and back to camp.
26841919948_32e049e681_o (1)
Yes, that is my snowmobile ride for the morning … let it be known that Fat Tom K made full use of Dave’s sled to guide and position myself to fly my drone to capture the story!
So out onto Lake Winnipeg we went and our fatbiking friend from the USA, Thomas Woods captured the start with this nice view.
Here’s my view of the fatbike ‘gang’ heading out on the lake.
Done - side view of bikers in line riding out to camp cropped
A drone view of the Saturday group heading out on the open lake.
Fatbikers riding out onto Lake Wpg 3 Mar 18 cropped
Here they are close up … Kurt and Rick leading with Artur and Michelle right behind.
Done - top view of bikers in line riding out to camp
The drone view of the group taking a break and checking out a ‘low snow’ area.
Here’s G-Mac (on the other side of the camera lens for a change) riding with Steffi.
We stopped to check out lots of ice chunks.
Here Kim seems to be setting Dave up for launch! 😉
Here’s our three supporting RCAF SAR Techs (on their dogs) with Steffi who fatbiked out with us for the Memorial Ceremony, our group lunch and then back into Grand Marais – awesome!
Sunny skies and light winds made chat time rather pleasant today! 🙂
Group break with our SAR Tech snowmobile escorts.
As we approached Camp Bar, our welcoming party (Medic Kas holding a signal smoke) were waiting with hot food, signals and Scottish Highlands music playing (Alfred’s fav)!
Dave Bell captured this view as he rode up to Camp Barr.
Drone - Low View 1
Drone view of all the fatbikers and escorts arriving at Camp Barr!
Drone - Keith Holm on Fat Uni-Cycle copy
Can you spot Keith Holm (one of our Assistant Guides) riding on his fatbike unicycle (hint – the shadow shows!).  Yes, those are empty KFC buckets in the fire pit (they burn great)! 🙂
Drone - High Wide View
Here’s the full scene from high above.  Camp Barr site was chosen for the good snow pack area, the nice protruding ice chunks nearby (they just look cool) and a slight bowl indent.
Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2
We had a couple tents and a pop-up fishing shelter in reserve for Saturday night, but due to some folks camping over on different nights, they were not needed this year.
We paused to remember Alfred and how he had impacted our lives and been a positive part of our Manitoba Fatbike Community!
Alfred – you have not been forgotten!  RESCUE
- Group Picture Gregory's - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover
Here’s G-Mac’s 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Adventure Memorial Group Photo.
It was an important time to remember and share memories.  Here I am chatting with my friend and former RCAF SAR Tech Dave MacDonald.  He and I served together and carried out rescue missions together when I flew C-130 Hercules aircraft at 435 Transport & Rescue Squadron and he took the big risks parachuting out of them and carry direct medical and rescue activities.
For some it was a time to reconnect and share the loss felt more deeply!
We all took our turn signing Alfred Barr’s Royal Canadian Air Force Flag.
Then we enjoyed good food together …
… and savoured the moment! 🙂
We enjoyed our time together at Camp Barr and then the ‘day trippers’ rode back into Grand Marais with SAR Tech snowmobile escort and our main group prepared to ride to Gimli in search of Kris Fish & Chips for supper and a ride back out to the camp for the night!

That’s all for now – more to follow …

Cheers, Fat Tom K