EPIC times on Lake Winnipeg: Camp Barr to Gimli and Back

WOW!!!  Yesterday afternoon and evening was an EPIC adventure as our main group of Lake Winnipeg Fatbikers rode from Camp Barr to Gimli (for supper at Kris Fish & Chips – thanks Jeff & Candy Badger for the free drinks) and then back out to camp starting at dusk and finishing in the dark!

Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2

It was a real trek and had a few obstacles enroute (pressure ridge ice cracks); but well worth the challenge and it was safely completed, thanks to good ride guides (thanks Keith, Jonathan and Patrick) and support from Robert Paige and his Xtreme Sports Medics!  Here’s a few pics to tell the story …

Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 2
Here’s Assistant Guide Keith leading our main group out from Camp Barr along with Robert Paige escorting with his snowmobile and trailer (with ladders for any crack crossings).
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 3
Can you spot our Assistant Guide Patrick?  The Swedish flag is a bit of a give away! 🙂
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 4
Here’s Thomas (Honourary Manitoban from Minnesota, USA) – glad you could join us bud! 🙂
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 6
A beautiful vista!
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 7
We arrived at the large pressure ridge crack line, which was about 4 Kms out from the Gimli Harbour.  Kevin Champagne and I had recce’s the route the week before and our track lead to a safe crossing spot.
Finding a good crossing spot in advance of the ride was essential to our adventure.
Yup, that’s me on the other side of the pressure ridge … “come on over guys – It’s all good”! 😉
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 8
G-Mac says “it’s not what it was cracked up to be after all”! 😉
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 9
One more small pressure ridge near the Gimli Harbour approach.  Great place for G-Mac to snap some close-ups …
A bit early on the snap here of Patrick near the bump … can anyone get some air? …
YESSSSS!  Well done Assistant Guide Jonathan! 🙂
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 11
Passing the Lake Winnipeg Research boat as we enter Gimli Harbour.
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 12
A pleasant view after a solid ride … the harbour and the town of Gimli! 🙂
Kris’ Fish & Chips – our favourite Gimli food stop on all our lake crossings and thanks to hosts Jeff & Candy Badger (owners and Polar Bear Crossing Event organizers) we are always welcomed with a little extra (a free drink went down nicely)! 🙂
Good food, good company and very good times! 🙂
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 13
We headed back out onto the lake at dusk.
The light was fading and we had a solid ride back ahead of us.
Time to hydrate, turn on the lights, prepare for the ride ahead and contact Robert to arrange for him to meet us via snowmobile from Camp Barr at the main pressure ridge crossing.
IMG_6646 copy
There’s Robert (in yellow with flashlight on the other side) assisting from the other side; while Keith monitors each rider from this side.  Teamwork – nice! 🙂
Just a simple crossing … when you plan it and do it right!  Thanks Kevin & Robert! 🙂
Speaking of Teamwork … while we were riding to Gimli & Back, Extreme Sports Medic Kas ‘Camp Barr Sgt-Major’ was prepping the rescue sled and helping prepare the camp for our arrival back!
Kas and the crew back at Camp Barr got hot soup and drinks ready and then lit the bonfire! 🙂
The signal flares they launched looked really close to us as we biked back to Camp Barr, but it was a long night ride yet ahead!
Camp Barr was a welcome sight to us as we rode it to enjoy the comforts of our little ‘Tent City’!
Nothing like a bonfire to warm bodies after a chilly ride and raise the spirits too! 🙂
Warm drinks and good company make for fun! 🙂
Even cool ones hit the spot … especially when Team Leaders are toasting an EPIC adventure! 🙂

That’s all for now.

Cheers, Fat Tom K