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Fat Wednesdays are here again

Fat Hal’s Post:

Wednesday night fat tire rides are gearing up again (no you don’t need a fat bike to join these rides, you just need to ride at a fat bike pace). What you do need to participate in these rides is the willingness to have some fun and some lights because it gets dark pretty darn early. For tomorrow’s ride we’ll meet in the parking lot in the Northwest corner of the park (like last year) at 7:30 and bomb around the trails of Ass forest and park.

Pre Season Fat Bike Training

Fat Cory’s Post:

I have been riding the Pugster on trails this summer and having a blast. I recently have done Bur Oak in Birdshill for a few laps and had a blast. I will be likely going this Saturday Sept 21 for a multi lap adventure on the fat bike. I will go anyways , but thought it would be cool to get a few fat bikes out. Maybe meet in the parking lot at 8am. I plan on doing laps for the whole morning in case I do the End Tombed race coming up. Hope to see some of my winter friends out there. If you don’t have a fat bike just come anyways.

One last hooray

Fat KC’s Post:

another ride proposal (tho most – all of you are sick of the white stuff): stage from Sandbar Inn (Polar Bear staging area) and ride trail system to Birchwood Inn (or not) for lunch.  should be ~40 kms return.  …this Saturday or Sunday.  I have no idea re: trail conditions; am thinking they should be doable.  these are closed Snoman trails tho there might likely be the odd hardcore guy out there.  takers….

WNR and this Saturday

Fat KC’s Post:

First off, my condolences to the family and friends of Marty H.

Also, again thanks to all involved re: Epica.  WAS A BLAST!  …To those of you who missed it – give it a go next yr (solo/ team/ volunteer) you’ll have a blast too.

Any interest in a ride tomorrow (Wednesday) night?  Wherever.  I have a new seat (my seat broke during last wks ride) and will have a freshly charged light.

Thoughts re: a Saturday ride?  “I just wanna ride.”  Something local/ urban; something different.  I still haven’t ridden the Assiniboine Forest and have not been to Beaudry Park.  I’m also interested in a Red River ride (see previous posts) or another Lake Wpg ride.  20 – 80 kms…whatever works for people.  I was also thinking about Pinawa.  Snoman  trails exiting northeast section of town are shared between sleds, hikers and skiers.  Could do a bit of a fat bike loop there too.

WNR Feb. 6th

Fat MuddyGuy’s Post:

I am planning a ride leaving from a Transcona or Elmwood location. KC, is there a location you could name? I will be inviting a fella named Chris who recently picked up a 9:zero:7. He also lives in Trans. Let’s make a plan via comments.

So the plan so far is Bikes and Beyond at 7 on Wednesday. Riding to Forks area then….

Ride proposals for Sunday Feb 3rd

Fat KC’s Post:

Have got 2 ride proposals: (1) launch from the Petersfield Hotel and ride Snoman trails through to Chalet Beach Road and onto Lake Wpg.  Ride the lake to Gimli’s Lakeview Hotel for food and beverage and ride back.  Projected 80 kms return – comfortably paced and fully equipped (lights and other necessities).  This ride can be abbreviated – Petersfield to Wpg Beach might reduce ride to ~60 kms.  I have seen some stretch of this trail and it looks very doable.  I’m told the lake is tabletop.  Or (2) Launch from the 59’er gas station and ride the floodway trail to Lockport.  Take the Red River from Lockport up to Selkirk for food and beverage.  Projected (guessing) 50 kms return.

I am riding this Sunday either way.  Company would be nice.  I’d prefer a Lake Wpg run but riding the Red is ok too.  …disregard the Gimli to Grand Beach ride (on map)…UNLESS SOMEONE’S INTERESTED!  …Goal is to have some fun and enjoy the day; if we make whatever destination – great and if not then that’s ok too.

And congratulations to those who participated in Arrowhead.