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Video: “Fattie Snowfest Foray”

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Video Time: “Fattie Snowfest Foray” – First Fresh Tracks

Fat Tom K Productions

It was the day of our first real snowstorm of winter 2015-16 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada … way overdue, so some of us local Fatbikers did not hesitate to get out there and lay down some fresh tracks. The result was our “Fattie Snowfest Foray”! Great fun … bring on the snow! 🙂

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“Fattie Snowfest Foray” – Oh Yah! :-)

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Let’s just say we’ve been waiting a long time for this snowstorm and were quick to take advantage of the new snow last night … gathers some riders and voila – “Fattie Snowfest Foray”:

Good times were had by ‘Skinny’ Charles Burchill (thanks for the ride idea), David Rustau, Luke Friesen, Keith Holm, Serge Brasseau, Bass Bagayogo and Fat Tom K.  Once the tire pressures were dropped down (like < 6 PSI Low) it was all good and rideable.  Great to be laying down fresh new tracks! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check our Fat Luke’s tire rim ‘snow ribbon’ after spending more than an hour in Fat Tom K’s ‘Fat Cave’:
Fattie Snowfest Foray 16 Dec 15 - 22… there’s some BIG ‘FAT MAGIC’ going on in there 😉

Global Fat Bike Day 2015 – Having a Blast in Winnipeg, Eh!

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Check out my Winnipeg GFBD Ride 2015 VIDEO:

Our 2015 – 4th Annual Global Fat Bike Day ride in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was even BIGGER and BETTER than last year!

Almost 70 Fat Bikers gathered at the Forks in the heart of Winnipeg to start our GFBD ride (or joined us along the way).
Some rode a shorten route, some longer, but all enjoyed a great day of early winter fat biking on a beautiful sunny day.
Our official photographer Gregory McNeill did the honours again on the East side of the Red River at our now standard perfect riverside spot.
GFBD 2015 Group Pic 1
This year Gregory was riding his new Fat Bike and still carrying all his cameras and tripod … hardcore tough that guy … just the way we like him!

Our route this year (after our Prologue across the Red River and back to the Forks) took us west along the Assiniboine River walkway and river=edge trails, through Wolseley, along Wellington Crescent and on the Assiniboine Park ‘Monkey Trails’ to the Park Duck Pond Shelter (no need for it this year). Then we made our way south to Fort Whyte Park via Assiniboine Forest pathways and to our 3/4 route goal of ‘IKEA Hill’ and a short steep up to another group photoshoot. Banner 2 - GFBD 2015 - Bison Hill

Most of the still large crew made a pitstop at the Buffalo Cafe (funny name – since we call them Bison in Manitoba and there are actual Bison at Fort Whyte Park in a large enclosure field).
Onward east now took most either along the MacGillvary pathway or Bishop Grandon Greenway to the Wildwood Park area and north to the Elmpark (BDI) Bridge and the official “Casa Fat Tom K’s” Pit Stop … chili-fest, suds and hot ‘toddies’. Good times! 🙂

Video Time: Winter Night Ride – “Fatties and a Skinny”

Another sweet winter night ride with a few of the Manitoba Fat Bikers and one ‘Skinny’. Check it out:

The Assiniboine Park and Forest trails were super hard-packed and not a lot of snow base … great conditions for our friend Skinny Charles to join the Fatties for part of the ride.
Welcome to new fatbiker Pat on her shiny-new 9 Zero 7. Thanks to Fat Serge for suggesting the ride. 1st place Frosted Beard honours to Fat Luke, with a close 2nd place to Charles. Big thanks to Fat David for bailing me out after my Mr. Moonie’s bottom bracket seized up! 🙂

Video Time: Fat Biking Winter Groomed Trails

Looking back at a great day of fat biking on the winter trails at Grand Beach Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.

These are multi-use winter trails (Park designation) that are groomed for classic and skate XC skiing. Others use the trails as well (hikers and snowshoers, but they can mark up the trails).
We fat bikers with our wide tires (3.7 inches minimum up to 4.8 inches) and low tire pressure (below 10 PSI is advised) can ‘float’ on the firm-ish packed trails and cruise along at speed, while having great control (good grip).
As long as we stay off the set classic ski tracks, avoid the trails once it’s warmer (near O C) and ride in a smart courteous way, we can enjoy the trails and not conflict with others on the trails, especially the skiers. Our speed is very compatible with good skate skiers, while the classic skiers are much slower, so give a friendly warning as you approach them (just like skate skiers have to).

Groomed winter trails can be a blast for us fat bikers, as long as we use them correctly and with good trail etiquette! Remember though that while access to these trails may be allowed at this time and at this location (a Provincial Park – not a private ski trail location), this access could be lost. So … 3.7 inch minimum width tires, keep the pressure low and avoid the trails if they are warm/soft!

Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #3: Even More Awesome in Pictures!

Fat Tom K Productions

Ok, so there are manyothersuperlatives that I could use to describe how AWESOME this past Sunday’s Throw Down #3 was, but hey, #1 was Awesome, #2 was More Awesome and yes, #3 was Even More AWESOME!

Our happy herd (think Big Fat Manitoba Bisons!) of 9 fatties started even earlier in the morning, due to rising spring temps, but in the end conditions turned out to be stellar!

We cruised the Grand Beach ski trails on our low-pressure fat tires and only left dimple marks behind!
The XC skiers we met and shared our potluck feast with were unanimous in their awe at how smoothly we floated on the packed snow trails and marveled at how cool are bikes are … “you can’t ride a fat bike without smiling“!

GB FB TD 3 - Greg's Pic 4 Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

With all the sweet GoPro video footage I have from all three…

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Fri Night Fat Bike Trail Ride – Picture Perfect!

Fat Tom K Productions

With snow melting temperatures on the way, this past Friday night’s trail ride at Assiniboine Park and Forest was billed as a last chance for us Winnipegger fat bikers to  trail ride on snow.  Today the snow is melting and our prediction is coming true.
So, how was Friday night’s ride? … Picture Perfect!Fat Bike Night Ride 4 Apr 14 - Handle Bar As you can see by these screen caps and the smiles on all ten of our faces (while riding and as we relaxed at Joe Black’s Café) after 2 & 1/2 hours of cruising pathways and carving up snow packed single track!  Good times and worth of a snappy video.   But for now, check out the gallery:

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Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #2: More awesomeness in pictures!

Fat Tom K Productions

Well, since we had such a blast cruising our fatties on the rolling Grand Beach trails on Throw Down #1, we headed back out there this past Sunday for Throw Down #2 … upping the ante with a potluck feast after!  Fatbiking and Bacon … they just seem perfect together!  It was a bit warmer; so we started sooner to maximize the firm snow conditions and all was well.
All was well that is … until we were ‘photo ambushed’ by Greg McNeill.
Sorry guys, ‘sneaky’ Greg got me to give up our trail secrets.
Greg's Photo-Ambush 1 Greg's Photo-Ambush 3

Greg's Pics 1 Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

Check out Greg’s handy work here:
Greg’s – ‘Rocky Mountain Hiker Part Deux’ Photostream

*UPDATE:  Check out Greg’s article in Community News Common:
A little known piece of Manitoba Paradise

Check out my GoPro screen caps here:

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Video: Fat tire riding the river trails with JC

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Made this little video from footage of fat tire riding with JC (alias FatJason) coming back from the Lindsay Gauld celebration at the Forks.  We rode the Assiniboine River edge trails from the Hugo St River Trail point all the way to Omand’s Creek.  From there we connected to the Ass. Park ‘Monkey Trails’, which were in good shape.  Nice to get to know Jason better and compare notes about tackling Actif Epica .
Good times 🙂

Lake Wpg Ride

Fat KC’s Post:

Rode Lake Wpg with a friend today.  Was AWESOME!  Could not have asked for a better day or better trail conditions.  Sunny.  Little wind.  Freshly groomed with little blow over.  Was very doable but still a work out (gentle to moderate pushing at times – does that make sense?).  55 kms.  -20C on the Lake

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 1
Hey doesn’t your mom work Saturdays at the Petersfield Motor Hotel?

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 2
Locals wondering what the…

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 3
Met the groomer and club member at the warming hut; were very hospitable.

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 4
Snoman trail leading to the Lake

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 5
Approaching the lake trail.

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 6
Lake Wpg trail.

Oh yeah to our surprise (despite weak wind) we did not hear sleds approaching until they were almost right with us.  Wise to be +++careful riding single track sled trail.

ALSO I have a converted .crs file (.gpx file) for the Actif Epica for those with garmin handheld vs forerunner and edge.

30 Jan 13 WNR Report – Windy-Chilly Gravel Grinder

Fat Tom K’s Post:

It was Cory’s idea of a good Actif Epica prep ride on gravel from in town and south via the Brady Road to the La Barriere area and back.  Good plan, so I joined and we met up at the Duck Pond warming shack along with Serge (who was joining us for part of the ride to the Forest) and Charles (who lives down south and was riding home from work).  Did I mention that the windchill was -35C with a NW wind of over 30 KMs?  No … ahh not that important …  not yet anyways!

Oh yah, a quick shout-out to Muddy Guy Anthony for the awesome job he did on the frame bag and gas tank bag he custom made for my Pugsley!  Picked them up from Guy via Olympia Cycle & Ski on Portage.

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 1My Pugsley all kitted out – thanks Muddy Guy!

So we rode south through the sheltered forest (see ya Serge) and then cruised south with the tailwind via MCCreary Rd and McGillvray to Brady Rd.  We were smok’n along (yes, by fat bike standards), but already starting to notice the windchill.  Did I mention that I was the only one with goggles on at this point?  No … not important yet!  So then it’s time to say good night to Charles as we’re 3/4’s the way down to the Perimeter (he rides this every day … hardcore!).

So we press on south past the Brady Landfill and start punching through our first snowdrifts across the otherwise solid gravel … more drifts … our first turn west (ohh … so that’s how strong the wind is!) … more south until we are abeam La Barriere … decision time!

It was only 20 kms back, but the headwind was going to be a factor and Cory had no goggles with him.  Well then, hot drink and snack, put on yer best facemasks and giddy up … it’s the real ‘Grinding’ time.  Yup, it was slow going and chest/lower-regions numbing cold … but Cory and I pressed on at a reasonable pace … the lights of habitation and shelter from the wind coming closer oh so slowly.  No time for pictures, but it was actually a beautiful thing to see and yes feel!  We rode steady back to the Forest pathway (except for the ridiculously long traffic light at Wilkes!) and enjoyed the shelter and pathway trails.

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 2Cory – as we reached the shelter of the Forest

At his point, the ride was easy going with -25C type firm pathways.  Seemed pretty fast, but once we arrived back at the park footbridge to split up, I realized we had ridden for over 3 hours and only one of those had been going southAh, wind … the great equalizer!

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 3

Now Cory says it wasn’t too bad riding back into that 30 Kph headwind -35C windchill with no goggles, but I figure he’s pretty tough, cuz it had to have hurt!  Nice ride Cory!

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 4
Still hiding from the elements – thank you goggles!

Great riding with ya guys.  Hope the forest trails were fun Serge and hope to see ya again at Actif Epica Charles.

WNR 23 Jan 13: Frosty – but fun!

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Thanks to KC and Cory for the good company and motivation to get out last night on my 3rd long-ish night ride in a row.  It was around -30C most of the ride and we got a slow start due a mechanical of mine, but we soon warmed up as we headed south from the Forks with Cory leading us on his ‘Churchill Parkway – Seine River Loop’:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-1Pathways were all hardpacked and smooth cruising:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-2Most of the river edge trails were rideable and the Seine River track was solid from the Windsor Park area up until a bit south of Provencher Blvd (just north of Kavanagh Park).  The Seine River Parkway trail was mostly rideable from there north to the Robins Donuts at Provencher:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-3Here’s one last screen cap from my GoPro cam, before the frigid temps killed both batteries (batt backpack does not equal 2 x life in the cold!):

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-4Thanks for ‘pulling’ me along guys.  Good times!